10 Best Video Games that Tell a Story

Video games have advanced over the years as technology has developed too. The best video game story can have even more impact than a film or book when it’s  done well, because you’re part of it. You made it happen.  However, as consoles and computers have become more powerful, developers now have the ability to use these interactive mediums to tell a story. Here are 10 video games that tell a story:

1. Silent Hill 2

This video game was developed by Team Silent in the year 2001 and it has a great story. The story starts off with a mysterious love story before it develops into a complex story that has a darker side. Symbolism is also used in the storyline because every disgusting creature in the game is used to manifest the twisted psyche of James.

2. Her story

This video game is available on Mac, Linux, PC and Android platforms. Her Story is all about finding a killer but each person who plays this game finds the plot quite different because the story is told in short videos that are found by searching keywords in a police database. Therefore, every player finds their own path of finding the truth depending on the keywords they search.

3. What Remains of Edith Finch

Developed by Giant Sparrow, What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of strange stories that happened to members of one family. Each one of these stories is told using a different gameplay style and the way the game plays out is just as inventive as the stories themselves.

4. The Last of Us

Available on PS3 and PS4, The Last of Us is a video game about broken people who are trying to make it in a broken world through any means necessary. As the game advances, these characters evolve greatly to have an amazing relationship with each other.

5. Telltale’s The Walking Dead

The storyline starts with a man on his way to prison. He stumbles on a young girl whose parents are on a vocation to another city when zombie apocalypse happened. The strengths of this game are built on character development and its dialogue.

6. Half-Life 2

Gordon Freeman teams up with Eli and Alyx Vance to fight off a technologically superior empire that had conquered the earth in just 7 hours. Character development, set pieces and action escalation make Half-Life 2 one of the best narratives in a sci-fi video game.

7. To The Moon

The story is about a man who is about to die and his wish is to go to the moon. As a result, two doctors are doing their best to fulfil this man’s (Johnny’s) wish by trying to use technology that creates artificial permanent memories. To achieve this, they have to hop into his mind so that they can create a new life in his mind. It is a touching storyline which makes this video game interesting.

8. Gone Home

In this game, you play as a young girl who returns home after a long semester abroad expecting to find her parents and sister. She came home to find out that everything has changed. You will have to read letters, notes and other objects in the home to determine where everyone else is!

9. Grand Theft Auto: San Anders

Over the course of this story, you turn from a penniless thug to a respected citizen in San Andreas. You can start beating thugs in neglected areas of Los Angeles but as the game advances, you will be hijacking VTOL jets off the aircraft carriers.

10. Soma

In the game, Simon Jarret is trying to figure out how he ended up in an underwater research facility where everything is not right. The game uses stealth and puzzles to tell the unsettling story of Simon. Therefore, Soma’s suspense is on the story and how it is told.